Ordering Product & Setting Up Your Autoship

As your business continues to progress, you’re probably digging into the compensation plan more and more. Let’s outline some important “comp plan” factors that directly impact your monthly earnings, like consistently ordering products.

The first thing to note:  Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) is required each month to ensure you qualify for monthly team commissions. PQV consists of the value of QV in your own personal orders, plus any Retail Customer orders. You’ll see the required PQV gradually increase throughout the levels of the compensation plan as you advance in rank.

For example, you’ll need 150 PQV as a Sales Associate. But to advance to a Senior Associate you’ll need 200 PQV during that same month. TIP: Set up an Autoship for your favorite products now and make sure the total QV in your Autoship equates to these PQV requirements. This will automatically satisfy the PQV requirement to qualify you for commissions each month.

Next, let’s take a look at Group Qualifying Volume (GQV). GQV equates to your first three levels of Distributor and Preferred Customer volume. You’ll notice that GQV is first required at the Senior Associate level, which is your goal to achieve by the end of this 90 Day Program. GQV is necessary to continue advancing through the compensation plan and earning team commissions. The most effective way to increase and sustain your GQV, is to continuously grow your Customer and Distributor base each month.

In addition, each product is assigned a Bonus Volume (BV). This BV can be found on our website product pages. Generally, anytime you see a product price, there’s also a QV and BV listed. BV is the amount you’re paid commissions on as your build your Customer and Distributor downline.

Below, we’ve outlined the ways you can place orders for yourself and your Customers. And we can’t stress this enough: Autoship is one of the most effective methods to create volume consistency in your business. The more people you can enroll in Autoship, the more consistency you’ll have, in both PQV and GQV. Take the time now, if you haven’t already, to login to the website and enroll in Autoship.


Your Personal PQV, GQV, and BV Goals

This may be a good time to refer back to the Interactive Scenario Planner which was presented at the start of this Onboarding program.  Remember, working with your upline and using this planner as a reference guide can help you clearly outline your PQV, GQV and BV goals. These are the key performance metrics you’ll want to track in order to meet your financial goals within your first 90 days in business.

Placing Orders

For Personal Orders

  • Go to Youngevity.com
  • Login with your Youngevity ID and Password.

For Customer Orders

  • Have customers go to your replicated website.
  • Customers create an account at checkout.

For Preferred Customers

  • Preferred customers login to receive wholesale pricing.
  • Shop and check out.

Set Up Autoship

If you haven’t taken time yet to do this, don’t wait. It’s important to make sure your products arrive regularly and consistently. Plus, who really wants the frustration of running out and not having the replenishment you need. Set Up Autoship Now.

Note: visit our website FAQ page for tutorial videos on setting up your Autoship and other website-related how-tos.

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