Organizing Your Business

We know you’re anxiously awaiting your enrollment kit. Don’t worry, it’ll arrive before you know it!  While you’re waiting, keep busy by setting up your business and doing things that keep you engaged.

When you start your home-based-business, you’ll find your time (as a new entrepreneur) may sometimes conflict with your personal or family time. Learning how to set boundaries and establish strategies that help manage both your business and personal life will offer the best of both worlds.

Remember: You can do everything right in your business, but if your personal life begins to suffer, everything will eventually be compromised. Calendar control is one of the first actions you can do to maintain the right balance.

Flex Time

Being in business for yourself can have many benefits, like the flexibility to create your own hours. However, we like to say your hours are flexible, but not optional. In other words, you still need to work your business to get paid and build the income you desire. Find time today to look ahead to your next 30 days and plan accordingly.  Your goal is to balance your personal life with your business pursuits.

Tips For Planning Your Next 30 Days:
  • Mark off any important family events, birthdays, anniversaries, doctor/dentist appointments, kid’s activities, club events, etc.
  • Write in any company trainings or meetings so you don’t miss out on important business-building time.
  • Check out Youngevity’s Events Calendar on the Resource Center to find events, calls and zooms that interest you.  And login to create your own event, so you’ll have a link you can share with your prospects and downline.
  • Review your calendar with family to make sure you didn’t leave anything out. (Your family will appreciate your efforts to balance your business with them in mind first.)
  • Highlight the days and times you now have available to work on your business.

Splitting Your Time

As you build out your work calendar and schedule your time, here are the key areas you want to focus on weekly, which will drive the continued growth of your business:

New Business

  • Conveys level of renewed energy
  • Brings continued growth
  • Setting new Customer appointments
  • Speaking with new leads about the business

Existing Business

  • Creates an on-going personal connection
  • Repeat Customer orders
  • Training for you and team members
  • Ensures your customers are being serviced

Emerging Business

  • Your key to a strong future
  • Networking events
  • Follow up with all leads
  • Working closely with new team members

It’s not what we know that makes us successful—it’s what we do!

In addition to balancing your calendar, we have created a simple business checklist to keep you on task for the weeks ahead. The systems you put in place now will carry you successfully through your entrepreneurial journey.

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